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So long but not goodbye

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Ionia is going to be going away.

I have asked the large hands about exchange programs, and today I got a letter that said I can go. I am going to be spending a year going to school on a planet that is called Hocotate. I have not been to it before, but a very long time ago, I had a Leader, and that is the place Leader is from.

Maybe while I am away, I will find the place that Sisters are from. Maybe while I am away, I will become a for-real F-Zero racer. Do not be sad, because I am going to do very exciting things! I will not be gone forever. A year is a long time, but it will go by very fast. Even if I am far I will not forget the school, because the school is where I sprouted and the school is where my home is.

...Ionia hopes the school becomes happy, and Ionia hopes the school stays happy.

birthday birthday birthday birthday

[Dear Samus: I hope you like utterly inedible vaguely foodlike lumps of smoking carbon, because Ionia made you one in honor of your birthday. At least the icing looks like it should taste fine. Even if it's got waaay too much food coloring. And looks kind of... gritty. Ionia couldn't find any icing sugar so she used the regular kind. She didn't know how old you were turning so she just put in every candle that she could find in the kitchen, because clearly more candles means more wishes.

She isn't allowed to use matches though, so she lit them with a welding torch left them unlit.

On the bright side, she also drew you a very nice card. Handmade with tender loving care. And construction paper and markers.

She was going to deliver these wonderful creations to your office personally, but then she had an EVEN BETTER IDEA. And ran off to enlist Nancy's aid in procuring balloons and streamers. And also to alert the network:]

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It is very rude to leave without saying goodbye. Next time Papa leaves, Ionia is going to make sure he tells her at least a week in advance.

Ionia has a I have a very important question! How do you tell that somebody is grown-up? I have asked F-Zero but he just thinks it is because they have a lot of wrinkles. I said that could not be right or Shar Pei puppies woud be born grown-up. When a Pikmin is at their biggest and strongest they have a flower instead of a leaf, but I do not think this will be good enough. All of my sisters here but Hojita had flowers, and they were treated ike children also. Besides, everyone but aniki and Hojita were quitters, so they have not left a good impression of how grown-up flower Pikmin are at all.

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Thank you for the presents, everyone! Ionia loves them! Ionia is surprised that so many people knew it was her birthday. She did not know it was until people started to give her things! A birthday means that Ionia has been alive for a whole entire year, right?

...How many more until Ionia is allowed to drive?

*PS: Lash, Melissa, you might have noticed some presents of your own.

Lash, Ionia is not as smart as you and therefore didn't feel she could invent a good weapon for a present. So instead, you got fuzzy purple dice, perfect for a neotank. Ionia thought they were super cool okay 8( and also big enough to be hollowed out and filled with tiny explosives in case of emergency. Y'know. Just sayin'.

Melissa, Ionia decided to introduce you to the MAGICAL WORLD OF ROBOT SIDEKICKS by building you a super-special friend. She remembered how much the kittens liked you back in the war, so she made you a small robot kitten. Unfortunately, she sort of sucks at programming, so all it can really do is meow, walk forward, and tip over with its legs still going. B-but it's the thought that counts. Also included is a picture of the two of them in Ionia's medium of choice: Crayola washable markers.*

[This entry would have a lot more exclamation marks if she weren't still awestruck]

Today was a very big day for Ionia.

The most important day that has ever been.

Today, Ionia and Papa went to the courthouse. It was very big and Ionia's voice kind of echoed when she was too loud. She was too loud a whole lot because she was very very excited. She has been waiting for a very long time to go to the courthouse.

It took a very long time and there were a lot of things that Ionia did not understand. It was very very hard to be patient, but it was very very worth it. Ionia kept this a secret for months and months and FOREVER!  She has been excited ever since she learned what adoption is and today... today we did it for real.

Papa adopted Ionia.

From now on, Ionia is Ionia Falcon-Andonuts.